TrusteElearning has been produced by Community Action Suffolk to provide Trustees with easy access to a self paced training system. In addition to providing training we hope that you will find this a useful source of reference information.

Please note that you are required to register for each of the Modules and we recommend that you start with Module 0, which not only provides HELP on how the e-Learning system works but also includes a MOT (Monitoring of Trusteeship) download which you can use as a Self-Evaluation Tool for your Trustee Board.


 Module 0 - E-Induction

 All About Trusteeship

 Module 1 - All About Trusteeship

 All About Charities

 Module 2 - All About Charities


 Module 3 - Leadership

 Roles and Responsibilities

 Module 4 - Roles & Responsibilities

 Complying With The Law

 Module 5 - Complying With The Law

 Building an Effective Board

 Module 6 - Building an Effective Board

 Good Governance

 Module 7 - Good Governance

 Business Planning

 Module 8 - Business Planning

 Effective Trustee Meetings

 Module 9 - Effective Trustee Meetings

 Financial Management

 Module 10 - Financial Management

 Managing People

 Module 11 - Managing People

 Evaluation & Quality

 Module 12 - Evaluation & Quality