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This page provides background information to help you compile a successful portfolio.

Step by Step Guide

NOTE: If you are new to e-learning please read the section 'HELP - SOLO' before you go any further.

  1. Read the 'Introduction' section to ensure that you are aware of what evidence you need to provide to successfully complete your unit.
  2. Download the 'Unit Portfolio Template' (from the 'Key Resources' section)
  3. Read the 'Assessment Checklist' in your 'Unit Portfolio Template' and plan how you are going to provide the evidence required to meet ALL the Assessment Criteria.
    1. You may wish to use the 'Challenges' provided in your 'Unit Portfolio Template' to provide the required evidence.
      NOTE: There may be more than one challenge for each of the Assessment Criteria, so you may not have to complete all the challenges but you must answer ALL the Assessment Criteria.
    2. You may wish to plan your own work to provide evidence for ALL the Assessment Criteria.
    3. You may wish to plan some of your own work AND use some of the challenges to answer the ALL the Assessment Criteria.
  4. Once you have completed all your work you should compile your Portfolio, consisting of:
    1. Completed sections of your 'Unit Portfolio Template':
      1. Page 1 - enter your name
      2. Assessment Checklist - provide page numbers of your evidence for each Assessment Criteria. Name, sigmature and date.
      3. Worksheets / Witness Statements / Evidence - your content should be 'pasted' into the relevant sections.
        i.e. artwork, posters, flyers should be scanned and the image inserted / pasted into the page.
      4. DELETE any sections which you do not use.
      5. When completed, update the 'Contents' page; right click on the Table of Contents and select ‘Update Field’ then ‘Update entire table’.
  5. Check through your portfolio to ensure that you have provided all the required content, and answered ALL the Assessment Criteria.
  6. If you are satified that your portfolio is complete, click on 'Upload Unit Portfolio' to submit it to your tutor.

Background Information and Further Resources

Each unit has a section which provides Background Information on the unit subject together with examples which you may find useful in building evidence for your portfolio.

Help Videos

The short PodCast's below cover the following subjects:

How to build your Portfolio

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How does the Internal Verifier Assess your Portfolio?

How does the External Verifier Assess your Portfolio?

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